Leighanne of Leigh Ray Photography has been creating styled shoots with other creatives for 10 years. As a Fort Collins creative photographer specializing in modeling and fashion photography, she has been published twice in an online magazine and has worked with dozens of talented creatives; models, make up artists, photographers, you name it! While Leighanne specializes in weddings, couples and families, she finds her real creative outlet in her personal work. With modeling and fashion photography, Leighanne gets to explore unique and different styles of work while not having to worry about a set expectation or deliverable. She is creating to create and making something from nothing! Whether someone is looking to update their portfolio or is looking to be published with a magazine, Leighanne can help execute those shoots and ideas of other creatives.

As a Fort Collins area creative photographer, Leighanne brings experience and ideas to every shoot with models and other creatives looking to make something unique and fun. She also has experience in various areas of modeling photography including, beauty and clothing. So many other photographers want to follow a set of rules for perfect images, but the imperfect ones are the images people remember.  Going outside the box is typically what gets you the best results, and Leighanne has spent 10 years venturing outside of the box with her photography. If you are ready for something different in your portfolio, get in touch with Leigh Ray Photography, a Fort Collins creative photographer specializing in modeling and fashion photography.


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