Whether you are looking for an engagement or couple’s photographer in Fort Collins, Leigh Ray Photography is here to help. With 10 years of experience, she understands how important your intimate moments are. She also knows how to capture the in between moments that are the ones that go unseen; the moment after she says “yes,” the smile he gives after you whisper in his ear, the look of excitement when running into freezing ocean water and the crinkled noses after sharing dirty jokes! She knows the pressure and vulnerability that can come with being in front of a camera with your loved one, which is why you can expect music, stories and bad dancing to ensure you feel at your most comfortable. Leigh Ray Photography prides herself in presenting her clients with real and raw pictures. 

She strays from the posed images into the hand tucking hair behind an ear, and the breath before you kiss. She embraces the in between moments, and the passion that makes us all human. Leigh Ray Photography, as a Fort Collins area engagement and couples photographer, also relies on the power of her subjects, and not the background. It doesn’t matter where you are; a garage floor or a grand National Park; the focus will be on you, and the one who makes you full. You can trust in her to provide you with emotional and charismatic photographs that represent who you truly are. For any occasion; engagement, reunion, first anniversary, you name it; Leigh Ray Photography will be there as your Fort Collins engagement and couples photographer, to click the shutter and probably throw confetti!


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